Latest trends for hardwood floors

Nothing can speak of more endurance or elegance than hardwood floors. It has dominated the interiors over the centuries and shows no signs of relenting to this day. Let’s take a quick look to see which trends are ruling for hardwood floors this year.

#1 – Trends for hardwood floors – Elegance unlimited, with wider and longer planks – One definite trend that is increasingly being seen in new homes this year that of the wider planks. The wider and longer the planks are, the more elegant they look as they can open up a small space and make the rooms seem larger and more visually appealing. Fewer seams with longer and wider planks make the hardwood floors smoother than the traditional planks.

#2 – Trends for hardwood floors – Neutral magic, grayer tones in floors – The love for gray has now transcended from the walls and carpeting to the hardwood floors as well. Ranging from the light neutrals to deep charcoals, the gray tones for hardwood floors are among the trendiest interior options for today’s homes. These tones help bring out the beauty of natural wood better thereby enhancing their looks. They highlight the grains and texture of the wood without overpowering the décor and yet make the floor a subtle statement piece.

#3 – Trend – Return of the vintage, rise of the distressed – There is no truer beauty than the authentic-looking wood and this all natural look is one of the most coveted looks for homeowners today. The demand for the rustic chic look in homes has led to the rise of intentionally distressed wood floors that has the aged look without being aged. Techniques such as hands-craping help reveal the wood’s natural graining and color variations.

#4 – Trend – Reclaimed and recycled woods, greener homes – Environmental consciousness and rise of the green consumers have led to the rise in demand for more eco-friendly flooring which is made from reclaimed or recycled woods. These are woods made or rather re-created from all kinds of previously manufactured wood products. Sources for reclaimed or recycled woods can range from farmhouses and barns, wood barrels and beams, old floors, walls as well as salvaged logs. They are available in varying width and length and reflect the heavy graining, knots, color variations and original nail markings well, all of which add to the charm, beauty and uniqueness of these floors.

#5 – Trend – The luster shift, towards the low gloss – There is a definitive shift towards less-shiny and the low-gloss floors from the traditional high-gloss wood flooring options. In fact, Americans seem to prefer the low luster more now as these floors can hide the imperfections better and are easier to clean and maintain. Low gloss also makes the wood look for authentic so for areas that receive high traffic, like the kitchen or living areas these work very well. They can effectively mask the dust accumulation, hide footprints and yet highlight the color and texture of the wood, making them popular with homeowners who have small children or pets.

These trends show the consumers today are willing to experiment with designs and are keener than ever to put a stamp of their personality and choice on their homes. Opting for specialty hardwood floors mean a décor that will stand apart from all other homes around them.